IST METZ Foundation celebrates 10th anniversary

On January 10th, the IST METZ Foundation celebrates its tenth anniversary. On the same day, several employees of the social institution Werkstatt am Neckar start their daily work at IST METZ. The UV specialist has reached an agreement with the Samaritan Foundation on the “Inclusion on site” project.


For many years now, the fortunes of IST METZ have been controlled with a high social impact. On January 10, 2008 the IST METZ Foundation was established. It mainly supports the social institution “Werkstatt am Neckar” in Wendlingen, whereby the activities of the foundation are closely linked with the company IST METZ. The proceeds from the foundation will be used to offer long-term and sustainable additional projects for the professional advancement and personal development of workshop employees.


Inclusion on site – Employees take up work at IST METZ

With the cooperation agreement for the project “Inclusion on site” IST METZ GmbH and the Samaritan Foundation agree on the development of inclusive work an employment opportunities for people with mental disabilities. The common goal is to create integrated workplaces at IST METZ in Nürtingen-Zizishausen for the employees of the Werkstatt am Neckar. Just in time for the tenth anniversary of the IST METZ Foundation, 4-5 employees will start working for the Nürtingen-based UV specialist on January 10th, with up to 12 employees to be taken on in the course of time. The aim of the project is to enable them to participate in working life to a greater extent than before.

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