IST METZ honours 465 years of know-how

At the Christmas party of the IST METZ Group in December, 33 long-standing employees were honoured for ten to 25 years of service. „We are proud of the fact that so many employees have been with IST for decades. With their know-how and their wealth of experience, they enrich our daily work and support new colleagues“, says Dirk Jägers, Managing Director of IST METZ, on occasion of the celebration ceremony.


For ten years of service to IST METZ GmbH have been honoured: Frieder Bauknecht, Andreas Bosse, Ruben Cremer, Holger Diedtmann, Stefan Fischer, Thomas Gohl, Angela Krennmayer, Marcello Marchese, Jürgen Merz, Katharina Molzahn, Markus Puff, Arnd Riekenbrauck, Miriam Schoffer, Alexander Steingrüber and Björn Weinmann.


20 years of service: Jochen Haußmann, Walter Krassnitzer und Edwin Schulz.


25 years of service: Jean-Philippe Fournier, Uwe Jahn-Quader, Rolf Müller, Annette Pitz, Volker Selg, Oliver Starzmann und Rudolf Wedde.


At the subsidiary eta plus electronic gmbh Sebastian Barth and Ilona Weiss have been honoured for ten years of service. At gerhard metz metallbau gmbh Johann Herchl, Herbert Schultheis, Carmelo Mantineo and Teddy Reim have also been honoured for ten years of service, as well as Gunter Buschbeck and Thomas Schmidt from VTD Vakuumtechnik Dresden GmbH.

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