IST repositions itself

[Translate to Niederländisch:] (v.l.n.r.) Christian-Marius Metz, Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung, Holger Kühn, Geschäftsführer Vertrieb, Dr. Robert Sänger, Geschäftsführer Technik (ab 1.1.2016).

IST METZ GmbH is taking the growing business with LED UV systems into account. In May, the company has already acquired the majority interest in Integration Technology Ltd. The reorganisation of the management board followed recently. The UV market is changing: Besides the classic UV medium pressure lamps, in recent years the curing of inks and varnishes by means of UV LEDs has been established. This has even opened up whole new business areas, e.g. in the industrial joining technology. Offering both types of UV systems, IST METZ GmbH has even further expanded the LED business this year. Apart from the successful market launch of its own high-performance LED products, the acquisition of the majority interest in the British UV systems manufacturer Integration Technology Ltd. in May brought an additional gain in expertise in this field. Because of the greater focus on technological development, the management board of IST METZ GmbH has also been reorganised recently. Christian-Marius Metz, grandson of deceased company founder Gerhard Metz and previous Head of the Central Area Operations & Services, was appointed Chief Executive Officer. Holger Kühn was made Managing Director Sales. He has been part of the company for 17 years in various functions in sales, most recently as Head of the Central Area Sales. Dr. Robert Sänger will complete the management board from the beginning of next year as Managing Director Technology. Having been Head of Development at the subsidiary eta plus electronic GmbH, he will now join the parent company. Dirk Jägers, previous Managing Director of IST METZ GmbH, left the company. “We are looking forward to running the company in the spirit of my grandfather”, says Christian-Marius Metz. “We are leading in the industry in terms of know-how in UV technology, and we will know how to make the most of it.”


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