UV print product by IST METZ wins Red Dot Award

The innovative packaging which was produced by IST METZ on the occasion of a customer event, has won the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2015.


The packaging was awarded in the category „Sustainable Packaging“. The packaging comprises three components: a tin can with a high-quality salt, the outer packaging of the tin and a folded parchment paper integrated into the bottom of the outer packaging. If the can holding the salt is removed, the folded box is transformed into a table lamp by simply pulling up the folded transparent paper and switching on the integrated LED tea light. The packaging can thus be also used as an ambient light.


At UV DAYS 2013, the in-house trade fair of IST METZ on the topic of UV technology, the machine manufacturer presented the awarded packaging as an exemplary future print product. It is decorated with high-class varnishing effects produced in sheet-fed offset and inkjet printing. The use of inline embossing provides a special feel. The print product is supplemented by an app that shows a 3D animation of how to easily transform the packaging into a table lamp on a smartphone or tablet.


The packaging was developed by the Marketing Department of IST METZ and printed on the in-house printing press by means of UV technology. It has already been awarded two PrintStars and the Promotional Gift Award. Recently, it has been nominated for the Paperazzo Haptik Award.


7,451 competition entries from 53 countries in total have been contributed to the prestigious Red Dot Award: Communication Design. The world’s best international campaigns, marketing strategies and creative solutions are awarded the prize. The award ceremony will take place on 6th November at the Red Dot Gala in Berlin.

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