Grondslag de LED-UV-Technologie

UV-uitharding met LED

In physics terms, light is a form of electromagnetic radiation. Light visible to the human eye is in the wavelength range between 380 and 780 nm. The UV (ultraviolet) and IR (infrared) ranges are just outside either end of this range. Systems which cure by means of radiation accordingly use UV light (wavelengths between 100 and 380 nm) to cure inks, varnishes, silicones, seals and adhesives, for example. Besides UV arc lamps, LED systems have seen increasing use in industrial curing since the turn of the millennium. When LEDs (LED is an abbreviation of the English “light-emitting diode”) are used in industrial applications, they are combined in small construction units to suit the output required.


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Compact and cascadable for an enormous range of requirements

LED systems for curing inks or adhesives can be cascaded as a function of module width, and thus varied in length. The power supply cables present a challenge to cascading. If modules are now lined up with one another, parallel switching of these power supplies would be required. To get round this issue, this requirement was taken into account back at the layout design stage and solved by means of an internal power supply system.

Benefits of LED curing technology

LED technology is used in industrial drying/curing wherever its specific benefits are required.


  • immediate readiness for use
  • high-frequency clocking
  • low penetration of heat
  • high efficiency
  • long service life or
  • compact design

LED UV is used in many industries

LED UV systems are used both in the printing industry and in numerous other industries on various substrates where coatings and adhesives play a role, such as


  • decoration
  • marking
  • joints
  • fixings
  • mechanical protection
  • chemical protection
  • visual effects


In principle, there is a variety of potential applications for LED curing technology in the industrial drying of inks, varnishes, silicones, seals or adhesives on different substrates. Retrofitting is also a possibility. If you are pursuing new approaches, talk to us! We will be pleased to help and promise to maintain confidentiality.

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