Sinds enkele jaren heeft het inkjet printen  zich in toenemende mate op de internationale drukmarkt doorgezet. De meest verschillende materialen kunnen worden bedrukt, met opties die veel verder gaan dan papier of karton. Zowel UV-systemen, LED-systemen als ook W/IR-systemen worden als drogingstechnologie toegepast. Procestechnisch verschilt de inkjet printer echter aanzienlijk van analoge drukmethoden.


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Basics UV inkjet printing

The main difference between inkjet printing and other printing processes is that there is no printing form required for transferring the image to the material. The image is printed directly and contact-free onto the substrate. This is done using what is known as a “Computer-to-Print” process.


Application field UV inkjet

UV technology makes it possible to print across a wide substrate spectrum. The split-second curing of the ink means products can be processed immediately afterwards. UV systems also boast high process reliability and limited print quantities can be produced economically.


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